The benefits of meditation have been demonstrated in many controlled studies and it is recommended by some for dealing with Grief and Depression, and PTSD. Meditation, often called “Mindfulness”, is a technique designed to achieve a state of alert, focused relaxation by deliberately paying attention to thoughts and sensations without judgment.

The essence of Mindfulness is to become aware of the present moment, what you are feeling and thinking, without judging yourself for having these thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness does attempt to remove feelings, but rather has the goal of assuming a “super position”, observing what is; like standing back from your current state of mind, and separating you from your experience.  This is often quite helpful because it allows you to reduce the impact of your thoughts on your body.

During meditation you focus on your breath and must learn techniques designed to settle the nervous system before moving into an effective meditative state. Different techniques allow people to personalize their meditation, providing mantras and tools to help each person experience a deep, stress-free mental state. One of the first things you learn in mindfulness meditation is how to just settle the mind, how to focus, not clear the mind.  The goal in not to switch off the thoughts going through your mind but rather that to see them passing through the mind like clouds in the sky.

While even a single 5 minute meditative session can reduce stress, it is more typical for an individual to need 30-40 consecutive days of meditation to see dramatic changes in their life experience. Meditation does not erase Grief, Depression, or PTSD, it helps your tolerate your situation. In this way meditation is similar to most forms of psychotherapy and most forms of “energy psychology”, like EFT and EMDR.

The goal of the Attractor Field Techniques (AFT) is quite different than meditation. Acupuncture4TheMind is designed with the purpose of removing the underlying cause for an individual’s upset: the emotion(s) which make life miserable.  There is nothing to learn, practice, or master. AFT is a transformational experience, not a management technique.

AFT works fast. By changing the underlying energetic connections in the Mind, problems like Grief, Depression, and PTSD are typically eliminated in less that an hour.  The user’s task is simple: experience your upset while listening to a simple narration that will help you focus on specific things. Behind the narration audio tones play in the background. Using the magnets in audio speakers attached to their computer the tones generate an energetic field that actually disconnects the Mind from the emotion. It frees the listener from their upset. It is like changing the channel on a pushbutton radio.  The Mind goes from the “misery” channel to “life is OK” channel in one easy step. It is a safe as listening to the radio.

View our testimonials.  The people who gave these testimonials variously tried meditation, psychotherapy, EFT, EMDR, drugs, herbs, and vitamins all without achieving relief.  Using AFT their upset and associated problems were gone in an hour or less.

Is AFT like meditation?  You decide.

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