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I know first hand about traumas that crush lives. I have personally experienced and risen above events that no one wants to go through, including loosing a son to suicide. The grief, depression, PTSD, and low self esteme programs offered on this site has helped dozens of private clients in my practice, most in as little as 20-30 minutes. Do you feel like life is not worth living? Have you lost a loved one and see no happiness without them? It can happen with death, suicide, or divorce. Do you feel like a failure, ashamed of yourself and are angry with yourself because you cannot change? Do you feel that you are not like others and can do nothing about it? You are likely depressed. Have you suffered a trauma – rape, auto accident, domestic violence, or military incident and relive the horror? Are you anxious and constantly afraid or feel out of sorts? You may have PTSD. If you have been diagnosed with one of the disorders covered on this site the narrated experiences offered will change your life.