What do I need to do?

Why is it that the things that bother us happen instantly but can take years to overcome?.

From my perspective, the primary reason overcoming grief takes so long is that we try to put the cart before the horse. Following well-intentioned professionals’ directions, we try to change our feelings by changing our thoughts, what we say to ourselves, and/or changing our activities. Unfortunately, that does not work very well. 

Thoughts are started by and follow feelings, not the other way around. When you lost your loved one, did you first say “Oh no!”, and then feel bad? No, you had a gut-wrenching feeling followed by an “Oh no!” thought, or something similar, and things went downhill from there. Thoughts follow feelings, not the other way around. The horse pulls the cart; the cart does not pull the horse.

Psychologists and grief workers follow a model of the Mind that was created by studying animals. Psychologists built their understanding of human behavior by studying how mice and pigeons learn and applied it to human beings. The problem is that people are not mice or pigeons. Mice and pigeons are not conscious; they have brains, but they are not self-aware and do not form emotional attachments the way humans do.

Ask yourself, have you ever seen or met a depressed or grieving mouse or pigeon? If you did, it was in the cartoons. In truth, pigeons have an instinct to kill their babies that fall out of the nest; and, mice are well known for eating their dead offspring and cage mates. They don’t grieve them.

Emotions are slipperier than behaviors; you cannot directly measure emotions the way you can actions. Because the model on which psychology is built does not include human emotions, psychologists work on what they can. They try to alter emotional upsets by changing what you say to yourself and what you do. They push the horse with the cart.  

This site offers a different solution.  Similar to Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), our work uses magnetic energy to influence the energetic channels of the mind.  It has the advantage of working more quickly than TMS, and there is no need for specialized equipment or even leaving your own home. The magnetic energy emitted from your loudspeakers is typically all that is needed.

The process is simple: you listen to a narration that leads you into your unwanted emotions, and then gently dissolves them. It is like tuning to a different station on your radio. The work is accomplished using proprietary tones that cause your speakers to emit highly specific magnetic pulses. We effectively tune your Mind from grief and sorrow into acceptance and peace. 

The treatments offered on this site do not attempt to talk you out of your problems or try to have you talk yourself out of your upsets. We make no attempt to inspire you or to convince you of anything. AFT is an experience, not a dogma. Using a revolutionary technology AFT changes your upsetting feelings. AFT can reset your Mind almost as fast as you can upset it. 

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