We are currently conducting Clinical Studies of our treatments. All three of the Studies that we are conducting follow the same design.

In order for Subjects to be enrolled in a study they must meet and agree to the following conditions:

1) They must have a computer that has a functioning audio system and preferably plug in external speakers.

2) They must consent to and undergo an interview to determine if they actually do suffer from the disorder being treated. This interview may take as long as an hour and will be conducted either via telephone, or if they have the capability via Skype. Only those volunteers who actually suffer from the disorder being studied will be allowed to participate in the study.

To assess suitability for inclusion subjects will be administered one of the following Psychological rating scales by Dr. Ebert, a licensed clinical psychologist: The CAPS-5 for PTSD, the Hamilton Depression scale for depression, or the Clinician Administered Grief Assessment Scale for grief. Ratings will me made during the initial and final interviews. Each scale assesses symptoms during the previous month.

3) Following inclusion in the study subjects will be given access to an online video intervention appropriate for their diagnosed condition. The videos vary in length for approximate 35-50 minutes in length. Subjects will be interviewed and retested again one month after experiencing the treatment intervention. Interviews conducted after treatments should take approximately 1 hour to complete.

4) Subjects must agree to make short videos of themselves (or allow me to make a video of them on Skype if they have a camera on their computer) and must sign a release form covering all videos made during the study. Videos will be made before treatment in which the test subject will briefly and honestly describe the event which started the disorder to be treated and to briefly describe the resulting difficulties it caused in their life. Following treatment another video will be made 1 month after treatment. In this video the subject will describe how they felt during the month after treatment, and their current feelings and reactions.

Here an example of a Testimonial Video that is expected from each Clinical Trial Participate.  This female Patient suffered from grief for 4 years before releasing it in less than an hour using our Grief Relief Treatment.

5) Subjects must be fluent in English.


A4M uses sounds to generate electromagnet energies from your computer’s speakers that stimulate Acupuncture points. The “active” ingredient in A4M treatments is a specific pattern of auditory tones that stimulate different acupuncture points in a specific order and speed.

For each disorder studied subjects will be presented with the an audio narrative asking them to think about specific things that happened in their past that are related to their problem. If during the narrative the subject feels that the experience is too upsetting they are advised to stop listening and end their participation in the study.

Data from the study will be analyzed via Chi-square analysis and will be published on the web site, along with post-treatment videos of the subject’s reactions to the treatment and their current symptoms. While before treatment all subjects in each study will be diagnosed as suffering from the disorder they will be treated for, it is anticipated that following treatment none of the subjects will fulfill the diagnostic criteria of the disorder they were treated for.

Please fill out and submit the form below. I will contact you for a brief interview. If you are selected, further instructions will be provided. It is anticipated that post treatment none of the subjects will still be classified as grieving, depressed, or suffering from PTSD.


Dr. Kurt Ebert