1. Have you ever wondered why the things that bother us happen in an instant but can take years to overcome? If you ever do?
    This is what happens when you lose someone.
  2. I think the reason that change takes so long to is that we, following well intentioned advice, attempt to use our thoughts to change our emotions.
    Unfortunately that does not work very well. Thoughts are initiated by and follow feelings, not the other way around. We may be able to improve our thoughts for a while, but we can’t change the underlying emotion that drives us and makes us react the way we do.
    You can’t drive a car backward like you can forward.
  3. I think that psychological observations about human and animal behavior are psychology’s greatest strength and its greatest weakness. Psychologists study what people and animals do. The psychological model uses studies of how mice and pigeons learn and applies them to human beings. The problem is that people are not mice or pigeons.
  4. Emotions are slipperier that behaviors: there is no way of directly measuring them, and psychology has no tools to directly change them. Because of this psychologists work on what they can. They try to alter emotional upsets by changing their client’s thoughts and behaviors. They try to drive the car backward.
  5. I see how to change the Mind differently than my fellow Psychologists. People are not mice. Mice are not conscious; they have a brain but they are not self-aware. A model of changing humans built on studying mice ignores our self-aware nature. Ask yourself, have you ever met a depressed or grieving mouse or pigeon? If you did, it was in the comics or a cartoon The truth is pigeons have a natural instinct to kill babies that fall out of the nest; and mice are known to eat their dead mates, offspring, and cage mates. They don’t grieve them.
  6. The treatments offered on this site do not attempt to talk you out of your problems, or try to have you talk yourself out of your upsets. There is no attempt to inspire you or to convince you of anything. AFT is an experience, not a dogma. AFT changes your upsetting feelings. AFT can reset your Mind almost as fast as you can upset it. 

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