Use external speakers to listen to the A4M treatments, either plug in speakers or Bluetooth speakers.

     If you do it, do it right, or it won’t work!

There are some important points you must understand and follow for you to benefit from using the files on the web site.

For the process to work you must have speakers that will create enough magnetic energy to stimulate acupuncture points.  All desktop computers have adequate speakers if you stay within 5’ of them while playing this file.

Speakers use magnets to make the sound that you hear. The speaker magnets in laptop speakers only generate a magnetic field that extends about 1 foot from the laptop. If you want to use a laptop you must use Bluetooth speakers or speakers that plug into the headphone jack or your laptop’s USB port.

If you do not own a computer you can use Bluetooth speakers with your mobile telephone, just like you are playing music. If you use a mobile telephone make sure you can play online music files without them starting and stopping in the middle of songs. Some mobile phone connections are too weak to continuously play music without interruption and are not adequate to play the A4M treatments that take 30-45 minutes. If you mobile telephone is not adequate, borrow a friend’s laptop.

If you listen to the tones using the plug-in speakers that came with your desktop you must stay within 5’ of the speakers. Even though you will be able to hear the sounds across the room the magnetic coil in these plug in speaker will only generate a magnetic field that extends five feet.

If you do not have plug-in or Bluetooth speakers do not purchase or attempt to use any of the A4M treatments on this web site.  One of the Depression videos tells the story.  The testimonial provider initially did not follow instructions and thought he could use headphones to listen to the audio file.  Nothing happened.  He then used his external speakers and his depression lifted in 1/2 hour.

You can purchase the correct plug in speakers on Amazon for under $20, or Bluetooth speakers for your mobile phone or laptop for under $25.00. We recommend the Anker Sound Core Bluetooth speakers.  

If you want to treat a group of individuals at one time we recommend using ECOGEAR Ecoedge speakers (which will create an effective energy field 10′ in diameter) for about $50.00. Place this more powerful speaker in the middle of the room and have the participants sit around it.

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