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Since A4M deals with all emotional problems, why focus on PTSD, Grieving, and Depression?

In the process of developing A4M I learned why emotional problems occur. While each of is born with a particular temperament which pushes us in particular directions,  emotional problems begin to manifest with a single, definable, event which is tied to our temperament.  While there many be many similar events that occur the first is the most important and must be found to permanently get rid of the problem. Most people do not know what event started their problem.  With PTSD, grieving, and depression it situation is different. Almost always the sufferer knows the event that started their emotional reaction. Knowing the event they can focus on it and experience the same emotions that are necessary to let go of it.  If you do not know when your emotional problem began it is almost impossible to free yourself from it. Because most people who have PTSD, grief, and depression know the exact event when their problem began, they know what to focus on, and can focus on it without the need for a therapist’s guidance. This allows me to help them without ever meeting them.

The Mind is a collection of  energetic processes that are driven and organized by emotions . If the emotions are too intense they can cause permanent and disabling shifts in our consciousness. Let me explain more.

The Mind is an infinitely complex energetic processor of internal and external data. Like a computer it can run any software loaded into it. All Minds have the same basic computer (a brain); we only differ in the software we have available to process information. In its complexity the Mind simultaneously categorizes, prioritizes, contextualizes and interprets while retrieving and matching memories, stimulating or repressing emotional centers and initiating reactions and behaviors. All of this is orchestrated within the context of animal instincts and emotions that are accepted, modified, or rejected. The result of the Mind is one’s experience of life.

The complexity of the Mind adds to the difficulty in determining what is causing any emotional upset that someone experiences.

Our judgments and beliefs limit and constrain the specific thoughts that arise in our Mind. In effect, the experience of various emotions leads to attracting harmonically related thoughts which in turn increase the amplitude of the underlying emotion and frame of our awareness. The process is compounded by the Minds tendency to project its own views and “truth” on to others. Every life perspective has its own self verifying truth and each has its own predefined capacity for perception and comprehension.

All Minds use the same energetic processes to create individual reality. No thought, feeling, reaction, or experience we have arises outside of an energy field. The “pure awareness” the Mind is filtered by energetic constructs which cause us to experience and react in limited ways. It provides continuity of the personality. We remember the past, and use it to understand our current situation and anticipate the future. We Judge both people and things as better and more desirable or worse and undesirable. Another process involved is projection, a fundamental aspect of the developing consciousness of the child. Children only know what is in their own Minds. They believe that others think and experience the same thing that they do. For the child the world is totally self reflective. That everyone feels or should feel the same way they do (everyone is like me!) is a childish perspective, but one that underlies much of human perception and reactions. It is a problem of poorly developed boundaries, or an unclear delineation of what the other person knows and feels in relationship to what you know and feel.

Judgments always limit and focus our thoughts to other thoughts and reactions of similar energetic resonance. Judgments provide justification to specific perspectives (different ways of looking at things) about how and why people and the world are the way we experience them to be. Our Mind repeatedly returns to the same perspectives and reactions until we energetically disconnect ourselves from them.

In many ways the Mind is like a movie projector. The projector itself is consciousness which filters and focuses (like film and lenses) the light of awareness in the theater of the Mind. The shapes and colors on the film are attractor energy patterns, and the pictures on the Mind’s screen are what we call reality. In this model, the ego is the man in the projection booth whose job is changing the films and focusing of the projector’s lenses. He is just doing his job and playing films that have been provided. Traumas of different sorts are the source of provide films that play and replay in the Mind. 

All Minds use cues of all sorts to understand the behavior of others and to guide our own behavioral response. We seem linked to others in a symbiotic dance, and for every seeming action there is reaction. But our problem is that we deduce our meaning from their communication. We react in accord with our meaning, which may or may not be the same as theirs. In reality the meaning that we experience in our Conscious Mind begins in the unconscious with the energy fields of Jung’s Archetypes.

All of our problems have reasons or causes.  As a matter of simple fact nothing occurs in the Mind without a reason or cause. The Mind is like a radio. Without any stations to tune into nothing happens. Tune it in and all kinds of things can happen. Certain life events set up “preset stations” in our Mind’s radio. To stop listening to a preset station you must know when the station became set in the Mind. It is always essential that you find the cause(s) and/or reason(s) behind any emotional thought or reaction you are working on. Without disconnecting or eliminating the cause(s) and reason(s) behind them problems only return.






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