What happens with A4M?

Let me explain more about what happens with Acupuncture for the Mind. First it is important to understand that no matter what any scientist or physician/psychologist tells you, we really do not know how the Mind works or exactly what the Mind is. It appears to be an energy connected to the brain, but since we cannot measure it we cannot physically locate it. We do know that drugs can slow the brain and dull the Mind, but drugs do not change the Mind. When you stop taking them the Mind goes back to where it was before you started taking them.

Acupuncture for the Mind does nothing to your brain or body. It uses the electromagnetic energy of simple speakers to stimulate energetic acupuncture points that in turn shift the energy of the Mind. It is as safe as playing a music file. Each frequency played stimulates a different acupuncture point much more rapidly than is possible using needles or other techniques. Since there are no needles you feel nothing until your Mind begins to change.

A4M can change your Mind as easily and changing the channel on your TV. You can think of it as changing you from the “nightmare” channel to “happy days”. The A4M PTSD treatment changes your Mind back to the way it functioned before your problem began. That means you will not be perfect (who walks on water?), but rather you will function like you did before your PTSD, grief, or depression began. It does this by healing the energetic defect in the Mind induced by the traumatic event which precipitated your problems. If you know and remember the traumatic event when your problem started and what happened, you can get rid of your symptoms forever.

You do not need to know anything about acupuncture, or even believe that acupuncture works to get the benefit. The only thing you have to do is listen and follow the instructions. During the treatment process you listen to a narrative while tones play in the background. By the time the narrative is finished the defect in the Mind is healed, or the channel your Mind is tuned to has been changed and the symptoms are typically gone. If not, you can do it again.  I have never found anyone needed more that two treatments. You do not even need to leave your home or schedule an appointment. The experience is provided online using audio streaming. The one thing you do need is a computer, preferably one that has external speakers.

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