PC With Speakers

How to use the A4M treatments

There are two important points you must understand and follow for you to benefit from using the files on the web site.

First, for the process to work you must have speakers that will create enough magnetic energy to stimulate acupuncture points.  All desktop computers have adequate speakers if you stay within 5’ of them while playing this file. Built in laptop speakers will only work if you pretend you are taking a nap on your laptop while the tones play. In other words, put your hands on the keyboard or closed laptop, and put your head on your hands.

Speakers use magnets to make the sound that you hear. The speaker magnets in laptop speakers only generate a magnetic field that extends about 1 foot from the laptop. If you want to sit comfortably using a laptop you must use speakers that plug into the headphone jack and your laptop’s USB port.

Remember, if you listen to the tones using plug-in speakers you must stay within 5’ of the speakers. Even though you will be able to hear the sounds on this mp3 file across the room, the magnetic coil in the plug in speaker will only generate a magnetic field that extends five feet.

If you do not have plug-in speakers or don’t what to “nap” on your laptop, don’t bother to continue listening to any of the A4M mp3 files. Buy laptop speakers.

You can purchase the correct speakers on Amazon for under $20. Or that remember laptop speakers will not work unless you “nap” on your laptop.

So if you are using a laptop:

Do This

Girl sleeping on laptop


Do This

laptop with speakers attached

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