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What is Acupuncture For The Mind

Acupuncture4TheMind (or A4M) is an intriguing name, but what is it and what does it do? In the simplest terms A4M is a new way of understanding and changing the Mind using the energy system behind Chinese Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture.

A4M uses the electromagnetic energy created by audio speakers to stimulate acupuncture points in precise patterns that bypass consciousness and directly influence the energy of the Mind.

Acupuncture4TheMind approaches using the meridian system in a way never before conceived, uses tools that never existed before, and makes possible changes in the Mind that have never been possible or even conceived.

Acupuncture4TheMind is a form of energy medicine, and is thus a “Mind-Body” therapy. For A4M  the brain reacts to the thought energy of the Mind and in so doing links the Mind and the Body. Thoughts can be good for us or bad for us. The brain’s reaction to thoughts can be anything from what is medically called “stress” to joy and delight.

The Mind’s resonance with some thoughts and emotions promote life depleting reactions in the body leading to illness, others support life enhancing processes leading to wellness. Thought, which is an energy created in our Minds, creates particular disturbances (perturbations) in the energy field of our being. These disturbances can inadvertently impact the body’s energy system and lead to illness.

For those interested in dealing with the impact of their thoughts on their bodies we invite you to explore our sister website where energetic treatments for over 450 physical problems are available.


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