How is Acupuncture4THeMind different from Psychiatry and Psychology?

The Mind is a set of cognitive abilities, or faculties, including consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement, and memory.  Modern Psychological and Psychiatric views of the Mind center around physicalism and functionalism.  In simpler terms these disciplines believe that the mind is roughly identical with the brain or reducible to physical phenomena such as neuronal activity.  How the Mind works is the subject of considerable scientific research, almost all of which is centered on the brain and how consciousness is affected by drugs of various sorts.  Psychiatrists typically treat patients with a combination of psychiatric medication and psychotherapy, or “talk therapy”. Psychology is the science of behavior and the mind, embracing all aspects of conscious and unconscious experience as well as thought and unconscious  experience. Psychologists employ many forms of psychotherapy, including  hypnosis to assist with emotional problems. Both Psychiatry and Psychology believe in the biological nature of the mind, and are part of science’s attempt to understand the universe.

As outgrowths of science, Psychiatry and Psychology suffer from the same limitations.  When first begun the founders of Science believed that in order to separate fact from superstition it was necessary to follow the philosophic concept of “positivism”, or the idea that if something is real it can be measured. At that time it was believed that man could measure, or figure out how to measure, anything that truly existed.  The hubris of that position was recognized in the last 30 years when we discovered that we are capable of measuring only 5-10% of what exists in the universe (Trimble. V, 1987 “Existence and the nature of dark matter in the universe”).  This does not mean that science is wrong, but it does indicate that the scientific method is inherently incapable of understanding the universe. How can you find the real “cause” of things when almost all of the universe and it’s energies are beyond your ability to measure, study, or directly manipulate. Understanding the Mind requires different tools and methods than those available to science.

It is not by accident that in the US, the National Institute of Health has concluded that Acupuncture works as well as conventional medicine to alleviate back pain, although they admit that they have no idea how acupuncture works and are unable to measure the energetic pathways used in acupuncture treatments.

In contrast to Psychiatry and Psychology, Acupuncture4TheMind sees the Mind as an infinitely complex inherited energetic processor of internal and external data. Like a computer it can run any software loaded into it. All Minds have the same basic computer, differing only in the software available to process information. In it’s complexity the Mind simultaneously categorizes, prioritizes, contextualizes, and interprets while retrieving and matching memories, stimulating or repressing emotional centers and initiating reactions and behaviors. All of this is orchestrated within the context of animal instincts and emotions that are accepted, modified, or rejected.  The result of the Mind is one’s experience of life.

Acupuncture4TheMind sees the energetic processes of the Mind as having evolved across time. These energetic processes do not require any conscious or willful activity to take place. The inherited structure of the Mind and our inherited karmic energies take care of that. Our research indicates that alignment with thought forms begins early in life with inherited mood states that are passed on to us by our parents along with their DNA. These inherited mood states are the initial “lens” through which our Awareness is focused. Later interaction with the material world solidifies the window through which we individually perceive and experience the world.

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