How Can Acupuncture4TheMind possibly help me?

Acupuncture4TheMind(A4M) is different than any other  change technique you have ever experienced.  It is a form of Energy Medicine that does not involve drugs or talk therapy. There is no attempt  to discuss what has happened in your life. There is no attempt to have you reexamine and change your thoughts.

Thoughts are not what you think. As strange as it may seem, thoughts do not arise in the Mind.  Thought arise in our as an emotional reaction.  Change the emotional energy in the Mind the thoughts will change. It is as simple as changing the channel on your TV. One station has a theme of horror movies, another grief, depression, shame, desire, anger, etc.

The role of the brain in this process is the same role played by the TV. That is why drugs are only of limited value in dealing with emotional problems. They do not solve the problem. Drugs only dull your senses. Drugs blur the images and reduce the volume but do not change the channel.  When you stop drugs the problem returns.  Drugs are as valuable in mental health problems as alcohol.

The Acupuncture4TheMind treatment process is quite simple.  It is an audio presentation describing a particular emotional problem.  Short tones accompany the verbal presentation. The tones are not melodic nor hypnotic.  They are not presented for enjoyment. They shift the underlying emotionally based mental processes.

The tones actually stimulate acupuncture points.  Using the magnetic energy of your computer speakers the tones are the “active ingredient” in the treatment.  Focusing on the thoughts and feelings described in the narration makes your Mind generate the energies that precipitated your reaction.  The tones create the energetic shift needed to change your mental focus. The shift is very quick and typically permanent.  It only took an instant for your Mind to create your  reaction and it only takes seconds to dissipate.

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