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Terms of Use

  1. I understand that the license granted by Acupuncture4TheMind authorizes only the person registered (registered user) permission to access the Acupuncture4TheMind site.

  2. I understand that Acupuncture4TheMind grant the registered user a conditional license allowing access to the Acupuncture4TheMind Self-Transformation course material; such access to be in compliance with the terms of use in force at that time.

  3. Furthermore, the registered user is authorized to access the site from only one personal computer.

  4. That authorized personal computer shall be the same personal computer used to complete the registration process.

  5. Should the registered user wish to change their authorized personal computer then they must do so by first contacting customer support.

  6. I confirm that I understand the above terms of use and will not allow any unauthorized access whether by unauthorized third parties or unregistered personal computers to the Acupuncture4TheMind material and that I shall respect the copyright privileges of the course authors.

  7. I understand that allowing any breach of these terms of use or any other such terms in force at that time, shall result in the withdrawal and cancellation of any rights of access granted by the conditional license issued by Acupuncture4TheMind to the registered user.

  8. Any conditional license is granted by Acupuncture4TheMind subject to acceptance of the following Informed Consent & Disclaimer.

Extra Terms & Conditions Covering Payment by 3 easy instalments

  1. 3 equal payments of $75 each due on the following dates.
  2. First payment due now on registration.
  3. Second payment due 30 days after the first payment due.
  4. Third payment 30 days after the second payment due.
  5. Failure to complete a scheduled payment on time will render the membership void and all access rights to the site content will be terminated immediately.
  6. This is a binding agreement to make the 3 scheduled payments as detailed above and not a trial period offer of any kind. Failure to make any payment due will result in the full amount outstanding being due for settlement immediately on demand. Any such outstanding balances will be pursued.

Any questions or queries please contact our customer support.

Informed consent & disclaimer

The Acupuncture4TheMind (herein known as A4M ) course cannot possibly foresee or forestall all upsets that an individual’s life may encounter and disavows responsibility for any untoward events or reactions that occur during or after its use. The goal of A4M is to promote internal growth and expand the range of personal perception.

Some people are believed to be more vulnerable to negative reactions to internal introspection than others are. If you believe that you are one of these individuals, or are under the care of a mental health professional, it is important to understand that the A4M course is not a psychological or psychiatric treatment. It in no way replaces mental health treatment. If you are under the care of Mental Health professional, you should inform him or her that you are embarking on this course. You should not consider this course a substitute for appropriate mental health care or medication.

You will need to acknowledge that you have read the above before continuing with the course. By electing to continue with the course you signify that you release A4M and all of its employees from any claim of possible liability related to its use. (If you do not agree to this disclaimer you may not continue with the course)


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