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User Feedback

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What Others have To Say About Acupuncture4TheMind

You know it's all very fine us telling you how good Acupuncture4TheMind is, but at the end of the day isn't it better to hear about Acupuncture4TheMind from people just like yourself?

People from all walks of life that have started to experience the life-changing benefits for themselves?

Yes well we thought so too.

Wow! Thank you for your response! The program is helping me with so many things! I can't even find the words right now. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for developing it! I will write about the results I'm getting on one of the forums soon. Right now, I'm just enjoying the work, and especially the new lease on life this program is giving me. Thank you again!
Karla (USA)
Later the same day, I was driving and my wife remarked how calm you are!!! It is so strange because you seem that nobody drive you up to the wall! I think it was the best proof how great this method is! Thank you!
Attila (Hungary)
A4M is a tonic for my soul. I have done a lot of spiritual work over the past two decades and this blew the doors off of anything else I've done.
Maybe everythig else was foundational but all I know is that this brings about unmistakeble and immediate changes. It is as though blinders have been lifted from my eyes and the doors of my heart opened.
It goes beyond the mental and emotional. You actually feel better physically.
Jane R (USA)
Dear Dr. Ebert!
My husband made Acupuncture4TheMind as a gift to me. In the beginning I was not convinced, but already with the second module I experienced a positive change.
Now it is me who insists on the repetition of the different modules. I am getting very positive reactions and compliments from my whole family and friends.
I am enthusiastic about it and my life is worth living again.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Maragerete G (Austria)

It's always enlightening to read about the different reasons behind people looking for something to help them turn their lives around. Whether it is a quest to add something and improve their lives or assistance to come to terms with personal losses, Acupuncture4TheMind has something to offer.

Wow! This is an incredible program. I've had several losses this year. So far this program is like a pressure release valve and already I'm feeling better and seeing things from a better perspective. Thank you!
Terry H (USA)
I would get so angry at my wife’s rejection. I felt unloved. Now I feel loved from the inside, whether or not my wife is distant. And the amazing thing is that since she started doing the A4M program she has been much warmer and less rejecting.
Alan T (USA)

Even people who have spent many years trying other solutions or methods have found that it is Acupuncture4TheMind that has delivered the answers.

I used the free first module last night, and got a big shift. I have used EFT and had some success. But your product gave me a shift I never got using EFT. Thank you!
Richard C (USA)
This is great; and I've done numerous different meridian treatments!
Michael R (Canada)

Although the list of benefits that result from the unique experience that Acupuncture4TheMind provides is long and energizing in itself, the actual feeling of empowerment is truly exhilhirating!

I'm listening to the program RIGHT NOW! I'm in Module One, Topic Three. This program is SO GOOD!!! I had to press Pause and let you know immediately! Amazing ALREADY! I love this!
Jane R (USA)
The A4M program is great. This is the first time in my life I actually do not feel anxiety!
Debbie L (USA)
I have completed the 16 sessions. I feel so much better and life is brighter every day so thank you so very much.
Yolinda U (Aus)

One of the questions I am often asked is: "Does it really work, can you feel a difference?"

Well yes it does! You can really feel the difference. See what is being said about Acupuncture4TheMind.

Hi, I have just completed the first module, and it really is fantastic!!! I have noticed immediate and lasting changes - more joy, less uptight, more secure and happy in the world - already.
Diane F (USA)
I am enjoying the benefits of Acupuncture4the Mind. I can already feel differences in my energy and how I feel about the future.
Marilyn W (Australia)
I am noticeing a difference already. Cheers!
Ron T (UK)
I've just experienced the exercise for Self-Transformation and I'm so glad to tell you how good it has been to me. I felt more relaxed and an acute pain in the right sacro-iliac joint has almost gone. I have to repeat a few things that are pending there but it has been great to me. Thank you very much for this gift.
Susana J (USA)

Another question I get asked about a lot is the level of support and help that we offer. Again rather than me telling you how good it is let's see what existing members are saying:

Thank you so much. I want you to know how much I appreciate your work and your quick response to my questions and cries for help. Can't wait to continue!
Robyn H (USA)
Thanks for your good work.
Liew V (Australia)

Finally for some feedback on how Acupuncture4TheMind has had an affect on many areas of a member's life here are some excerpts from a long thank you letter from Bill S in Sweden:

I have noticed major shifts in several areas. The first is just having more energy. I do not feel like I am dragging around so much baggage all the time.

It is hard to believe how much stress is generated sub-consciously from memories and thought patterns of which we are completely unaware.
The next area is better focus when I am working. I am much less distracted and much more productive.

One of my problems is that I have so much going
on here at the office. I think that I have about 4 major strategic initiatives here at the IT University. I also have many people jumping into my office all the time.

After taking the course, I am much more calm and
focused. The interruptions don't bother me as much.
Finally, I have not been below 240 pounds in 2 years. In the past, I would go to the gym 2 or 3 times and then stop and fall back again.

Over the last few weeks I have started exercising again and I am now down to about 235. I am getting stronger and bigger in all the right places and my midsection is starting to shape up as well.

I will still need a few more weeks of serious training, however, I feel much better about making this happen and much more positive about continuing with my exercise regime.

So now you've heard what existing members are saying about Acupuncture4TheMind don't you think it's time you found out for yourself what this life-changing program could do for you?

We are offering you the oportunity to experience for yourself the first full module of the full self-transformation course, free of any charge.

This is no watered down sample, but a full blown session with four separate topics, fourteen separate narration files all recorded by Dr Kurt Ebert himself, and seven of the unique and tremendously powerful tone files that stimulate the acupuncture points in your mind and retune your psyche.

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Just completing this first free session will probably change your life forever!

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